Taking a train to Valencia Spain. Checking out the Beach and a Professional Soccer Game. Ep100.

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Ep100. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we take a train from Barcelona to Valencia Spain. Check into a new AirBnB. Then go check out the Beach to compare it to the Barcelona Beach. We decide to take in a Professional Soccer game, even though neither of us know much about Soccer. It still was a blast to be among the throngs of screaming fans.

I know many of you are asking about the 3 week transatlantic sailing passage that we did from Las Palmas. That footage will start after we leave Valencia. I am covering the trip in Chronological order but since there is so much interest and questions, Janice and I will do a live Youtube event tomorrow, on Dec 16th at 7PM EST, to explain how the trip went, and what we learned about doing a long ocean passage like this one.

If you have questions you want to have answered live, make sure you tune in to the channel at 7pm. You can find the channel at www.Youtube.com/CruisingOffDuty.

If you miss the live event there will be a recorded version to watch after the fact. Hopefully we can answer all your questions about the Catamaran I was on for 3 weeks and what we thought of the passage.

The one thing you MUST SEE in Barcelona Spain. De La Sagrada Familia. Massive Cathedral by Gaudi

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Ep98. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty we continue to explore Barcelona. If you only have time to see one thing in Barcelona Spain, it has to be De La Sagrada Familia. It is massive, it is breathtaking and is a wonder of architecture, especially considering it was designed and started to be built in the 1890s. It is still not complete and the final completion date is estimated to be done in 2026. 100 years after its architect, Antoni Gaudi, died.

It is by far the best thing we saw while visiting Spain and would consider it a “must see” it to anyone visiting the city.

Touring Barcelona Spain. Sant Pau. Architectural beauty on what use to be a hospital campus

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Ep97. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty we attempt to walk up and buy tickets at the gate to the renowned Gaudi designed cathedral, De La Sagrada Familia. Without a doubt the biggest attraction in Barcelona. How silly are we? Even in the off season the Cathedral was sold out. So we were told to buy our tickets online and come back tomorrow. So we hit the next thing on our “Must See” list that was a pretty close walk. The Hospital Sant Pau, which was once a Hospital campus with really beautiful architectural building (all paid for by the Catholic Church) which has not been converted into an Art exhibit for tourists to tour. For 13 Euros you can tour the campus and get into some of the buildings.

It is nowhere near as breathtaking and awe inspiring as what we will see tomorrow at De La Sagrada Familia, but still beautiful to look at.

I shot all this footage with my camera on a powered gimbal so if gives you the sensation of smoothly walking the campus with me. I hope you enjoy the episode. If so give the episode a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of the upcoming episodes covering Barcelona, Valencia, Las Palmas, the Transatlantic Sailing trip and St Lucia.

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Heading to Explore Barcelona Spain before Transatlantic Crossing. In A Spanish Unity March. Ep96

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Ep96. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we begin the 5 week journey to explore Barcelona, Valencia, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, then doing a Transatlantic Sailing Voyage before arriving St Lucia in the Caribbean.

This is the first episode where we arrive in Barcelona, Jet Lagged, living on 2 hrs sleep, and forced to walk the streets of Barcelona for hours waiting to check into our AirBnB. During this walk we end up walking in a Spanish Unity march, as the country is in the midst of a battle by Catalonian Separatists to break away from Spain and become it’s own country. Barcelona happens to be hub of the Catalonian Separatist movement. On this day the demonstration was for those that want Spain to stay together, so lots of Spanish pride on display.

This is just episode 1 of what will be a many part series covering the 5 week journey, so subscribe on Youtube to the channel and hit the notification button (Bell symbol) next to it, so you are notified when the next episode is ready to view.

I hope you enjoy the episode. If so, hit the like button. Thanks,

Sneak Peek. Watching my first Live Soccer (Football) game. Valencia Spain

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This is just a Sneak Peak of footage that will be part of a full episode. This show us going to a professional Soccer (Football) game in Valencia Spain. I don’t know anything about Soccer and don’t think I have watched an entire Soccer game in my life but seeing it live with the Locals as they scream, jump up and down and chant songs in Spanish was really fun. It helped that everyone was in a great mood too, since the home town team (Valencia) won 3-0.

The full episodes will be coming up soon, where we explore Barcelona Spain for 5 days, Valencia for 6 days, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands for 4 days, then go on a Transatlantic sailing trip on a Catamaran to St Lucia.

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Sneak Peek Footage from De La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Designed by Antoni Gaudi)

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Sneak Peek Footage from La Sagrada De Familia in Barcelona (Designed by Antoni Gaudi). There is much more to show you but this is just a sample of what will be a much more detailed look in an upcoming full episode.

We just saw this Basilica today and the building is breathtaking and is an architectural marvel, considering it was designed with the first brick being laid in the 1880s. It has been under construction to complete (off and on) since then. Due to revenues being earned from paid tours they are now in full construction and expect to have it completed in 2026, which will be the the 100 yr anniversary of Gaudi’s death. He is revered for his works and is buried in the building.

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Using a Gimbal for smooth footage of sights and sound of a typical Spanish Food Market.

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Raw Footage of walking through a typical Spanish Market in Barcelona Spain.

Unlike us in North American who tend to buy food in bulk at places like Costco and then freeze it and eat it when we get around to it. The Spanish tend to buy fresh food and eat it within a day or 2. So these markets where you see the fish/meat and other produce being cut to order is the norm.

This is Raw footage using a gimbal to create a smooth flowing shot, showcasing how it feels to floating through such a market. There is No Music or voice overs or edits. It gives you the feeling that you are there, experiencing all the sights and sounds.

This is just a quick Sample of things that will be edited down into just a few moments when I complete the full episodes covering the first 5 days of the 5 week tour of Spain and the Transatlantic sailing voyage.

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Things we saw in one day in Barcelona. Sneak Peak of episodes to come. ( 4K)

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First full day in Barcelona. Walked around and this is just a sneak peak of some of the architectural beauty of the City like the La Sargrada Familia and the San Pau Art Nouveau. We looked at these things in one just 1 day and we will be checking out plenty more in the days to come. Todays short clip is just some of the things you will see as the full episodes start rolling out.

In the future: 5 Days in Barcelona. 4 Days in Valencia. 4 days in Las Palmas (Canary Island) and then 2-3 week transatlantic sailing voyage on a 50′ Discovery Catamaran.

Hope you subscribe to follow the journey.

Trip to Spain and then Transatlantic Crossing on a 50′ Catamaran

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I’m flying out today to Barcelona for 5 days, then Valencia for 5 days, then Las Palmas (Canary Islands) for 4 days before doing a Transatlantic sailing voyage on a 50′ Catamaran to St Lucia. If you have any “must see” suggestions in any of those places, please send me a message here on facebook or email me at CruisingOffDuty@gmail.com. I will have full internet access until we are in the ocean crossing and even then perhaps limited email access. So keep in contact with “Must Sees”. I’d hate to come home and then have people tell me I missed seeing something awesome.

The whole trip will be over a month. It should be a blast! Fingers crossed for good weather on the passage.

Episodes covering the whole thing, once I get back.

Ciao for now,