Ep6 Ready. Sailing Alone. How Hard Is It ?

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Working shift work means I have days off when no one else does, so I sail the Ottawa River solo a lot. So how hard is it to sail alone? I will show you in this episode of Cruising Off Duty. You will follow me as I pack up the boat and sail towards a planned NSC party at Baskin’s Beach. You have to be prepared to deal with things braking and things going bad while sailing. It is extra tough when you are alone on a high wind day, like I just had on my latest trip up river. A bunch of stuff went wrong on this trip and you will see how I dealt with it while sailing alone.

This episode is more of a Vlog style with me talking to the camera more than just filming other things and doing voice overs. I hope you enjoy the episode. If you do, please click like and leave comments on youtube and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the Cruising Off Duty channel.


Going to Baskins Beach to Party ! 400 Subs !

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For those that are going to Baskins Beach for the party. The social committee has asked me to Drone and shoot video of all the boats that anchor and do an overhead video/photo of everyone on the beach waving up. It should be fun !! I plan to make an episode about Baskins and the social activity you get when owning a Cruising Sailboat. That will be shown on my Youtube Channel….. Cruising Off Duty. So stay tuned for that. Oh by the way. The channel has over over 10,000 video views and we Just passed 400 subscribers. Not bad for only starting the channel in June. So thanks so much to those that have subscribed to the channel. Surprisingly, most of my viewers and subscribers are American?

Cruising Off Duty, Ep 5 is ready to View.

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Cruising Off Duty, Ep5 is here.
This video will show you, through time-lapse video and drone video footage, how much work was required for our sailboat to go from being under its winter cover to ready to sail. It gives you Drone footage of the Nepean Sailing Club when all of the boats are in the yard for the winter, later being craned in and finally how the harbour looks a few weeks later when all of the boats are in their slips and ready to sail.

I hope you enjoy the video. If so, on Youtube, please Like, Comment and Subscribe. Thanks !!

The “Drone” I use is a Yuneec Q500 4K. The Camera I use to do the Time-lapse is a Panasonic GH4.

New Video to be uploaded tomorrow. Huge number of views. Thanks!

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Hello everyone,

It is Sunday at 3pm and I am still at work. I knew I would probably be at work when the Channel broke 100 Subscribers, so I thanked you just before the 100 knowing it would happen while I was asleep or at work. Well, the number of subscribers and the view count on the videos has blown my mind and well surpassed 100 before I finished my weekend shifts. As of 3pm on Sunday I have 160 Subscribers and in the past 48 hrs the videos have had an astounding 1900 views! All I can say is WOW and thanks for the support. I appreciate all the supportive comments on the videos and it keeps me motivated to keep going. Last night I came straight home and worked when I should have been sleeping and I almost have my next video done. It is going to be on the topic of “What do I need to do to get my boat ready to start the season”. It is going to have Time lapse footage and drone footage and I think you will find it interesting and fun to watch. It should be uploaded to Youtube on the Cruising Off Duty page tomorrow morning, once I put the finishing touches on it.

Once again, THANKS SO MUCH for viewing and subscribing !