Why did I splurge and get an iMac Pro? Because editing 4K footage on a MacBook was making me Crazy.

Ep105. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, I take a break from the Transatlantic Sailing Series to show you my new editing station set up and how I “had to”: splurge and get a better computer, a more powerful computer, or risk going crazy waiting for 4K footage to render and play properly on my MacBook Pro.

So as a late Christmas gift to me, I got myself a beast of a computer, perfectly set up to edit video. It is the new Apple iMac Pro. It is the strongest computer Apple currently produces. It is the best computer if you use Final Cut Pro X to edit video. I will go over the specks and how I will set it up in my home office to make editing much quicker and easier.

I will not shy away from shooting everything in 4K anymore.

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