Trans-Atlantic Sailing Voyage (#1). Getting to the Catamaran and getting a Tour.

Ep103 (But #1 of Atlantic Crossing Series). In this Episode of Cruising Off Duty, we have the first of what will be a many episode series covering our Trans-Atlantic Sailing Voyage. In this first episode, we travel from Valencia Spain to Las Palmas in the Spanish Islands of the Gran Canaria, just off the western coast of Africa.

Once there we arrive at the Las Palmas harbor where we finally get onboard the Discovery Yachts Bluewater 50′ Catamaran that we will be crossing the Atlantic in. Sharyl Shard from the TV series Distant Shores takes us on an interior tour of the boat we will be living on.

We get to meet the crew we had not met yet, Dave and Alex and meet the owner of the Yacht, John who would not be making the passage with us but graciously let us use his brand new Catamaran.

All of the crew who are doing this passage are Photographers, Bloggers or video professionals. If you are a sailor, you probably have already watched the TV and DVD series Distant Shores, but if you have not, you can check out their stuff at www.DistantShores.ca

Dave and Alex live on at 38′ sailboat in the Caribbean and Blog their sailing adventures. You can read their Blog, Sailing Banyan, on Facebook or on www.Sailingblogs.com

This trip took 3 weeks and covered 3,000 nautical miles and a lot of things happened and a lot of footage was filmed. There will be many episodes to cover it all. So, subscribe so you don’t miss any of the future episodes. You can hit the Bell Symbol beside the subscribe button to be notified as soon as the next episode is available.

Next episode we will show how we provisioned the boat and I take up the drone to check out the Las Palmas Harbor from the air.

Until next time, this is Craig signing off, wishing you Safe Cruising.

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