Taking a train to Valencia Spain. Checking out the Beach and a Professional Soccer Game. Ep100.

Ep100. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we take a train from Barcelona to Valencia Spain. Check into a new AirBnB. Then go check out the Beach to compare it to the Barcelona Beach. We decide to take in a Professional Soccer game, even though neither of us know much about Soccer. It still was a blast to be among the throngs of screaming fans.

I know many of you are asking about the 3 week transatlantic sailing passage that we did from Las Palmas. That footage will start after we leave Valencia. I am covering the trip in Chronological order but since there is so much interest and questions, Janice and I will do a live Youtube event tomorrow, on Dec 16th at 7PM EST, to explain how the trip went, and what we learned about doing a long ocean passage like this one.

If you have questions you want to have answered live, make sure you tune in to the channel at 7pm. You can find the channel at www.Youtube.com/CruisingOffDuty.

If you miss the live event there will be a recorded version to watch after the fact. Hopefully we can answer all your questions about the Catamaran I was on for 3 weeks and what we thought of the passage.

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