Touring Barcelona Spain. Sant Pau. Architectural beauty on what use to be a hospital campus

Ep97. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty we attempt to walk up and buy tickets at the gate to the renowned Gaudi designed cathedral, De La Sagrada Familia. Without a doubt the biggest attraction in Barcelona. How silly are we? Even in the off season the Cathedral was sold out. So we were told to buy our tickets online and come back tomorrow. So we hit the next thing on our “Must See” list that was a pretty close walk. The Hospital Sant Pau, which was once a Hospital campus with really beautiful architectural building (all paid for by the Catholic Church) which has not been converted into an Art exhibit for tourists to tour. For 13 Euros you can tour the campus and get into some of the buildings.

It is nowhere near as breathtaking and awe inspiring as what we will see tomorrow at De La Sagrada Familia, but still beautiful to look at.

I shot all this footage with my camera on a powered gimbal so if gives you the sensation of smoothly walking the campus with me. I hope you enjoy the episode. If so give the episode a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of the upcoming episodes covering Barcelona, Valencia, Las Palmas, the Transatlantic Sailing trip and St Lucia.

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