Using a Gimbal for smooth footage of sights and sound of a typical Spanish Food Market.

Raw Footage of walking through a typical Spanish Market in Barcelona Spain.

Unlike us in North American who tend to buy food in bulk at places like Costco and then freeze it and eat it when we get around to it. The Spanish tend to buy fresh food and eat it within a day or 2. So these markets where you see the fish/meat and other produce being cut to order is the norm.

This is Raw footage using a gimbal to create a smooth flowing shot, showcasing how it feels to floating through such a market. There is No Music or voice overs or edits. It gives you the feeling that you are there, experiencing all the sights and sounds.

This is just a quick Sample of things that will be edited down into just a few moments when I complete the full episodes covering the first 5 days of the 5 week tour of Spain and the Transatlantic sailing voyage.

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