Comparing Catamarans. Bali 40′ and 43′ vs Maverick 44′. Annapolis Sailboat Show 2017

Ep93. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we continue comparing Sailing Catamarans from the Annapolis Sailboat Show in terms of how we feel they would suit our needs as a full time Liveaboard future home.

In this episode we compare a Bali 40′ and a Bali 43′ to a Maverick 44′. We are judging them based on 1) Interior and Exterior Comfort, 2) Protection from the Sun, Wind and Rain when sailing the boat and 3) Our impression of the build quality. One boat clearly comes out the winner in this competition. Watch to see which one. Bali is more of a mass production boat and the Maverick seems more of a custom built boat. Probably none of these 3 make it into our favorite boats of the show but one had possibilities if we could find one for a good price on the used market down the road, when we are ready to buy.

If money was no option, we would assuredly buy one of the Custom Catamarans that is built to suit the owners requested needs and come completely kitted out from the manufacturer with everything you would need for living aboard such as Solar Power, Water Maker, Radar, AIS, Generators, Spinnakers etc, etc but the problem with boats like that, is they are very expensive when new and very few of them are built every year, so there are not that many on the used market. As such, the prices of these boats do not fall as far on the used market as the mass production boats such as the ones built by the 3 largest builders, Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon and Leopard.

So we have to seriously look at the production boats as the most likely option for us down the road when we sell everything we own to live full time on a Catamaran.

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Craig and Janice

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