Boating to the U.S. Clearing US Customs By Video Phone. Clayton, NY. Ep73

Ep73. In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we take our sailboat to Clayton NY and clear into US customs from our boat for the first time using a Video Phone. In theory it’s a very easy process, but we had some issues with this phone connection.

We also are travelling with a Buddy Boat. Carol, a solo sailor we knew from our days on the Ottawa River, joined us on this trip to the US. She had cleared in many times before so it was nice to have someone with experience to show us the ropes.

We will then take you on a walking tour of Clayton NY. We spent our 2 week vacation travelling various ports on the US and Canadian sides of Lake Ontario and Clayton was one of the best in terms of it being a pretty, clean town, with lots of shops, bars and restaurants to keep you occupied when you want to leave your boat and go stretch your legs. We didn’t have both folding bikes yet at this stage of our trip, but we will certainly go back to Clayton and this time bike the area.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

One thought on “Boating to the U.S. Clearing US Customs By Video Phone. Clayton, NY. Ep73

  1. We love Clayton and it was fun to see it from the water. If you go back, Do not miss a visit to the Antique Boat Museum!!!!! It is fantastic. There is a brewery/restaurant a block away that has great pizzas.

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