10,000 Subscriber Live Chat Q&A. Take 2. This time, much better video quality.

So we did the 10,000 subscriber live episode tonight. It went well, but sadly after we were done and the episode was already uploaded to Youtube, we saw the final product and the video quality was really grainy and choppy. So we did a 2nd take. In case any of you missed the buttery smooth 2nd attempt (surprisingly filmed live with the Iphone instead of the Macbook Pro) here is the good live episode.

It was fun. We had a few laughs with some of the comments from the viewers. I hope you enjoy.

Craig and Janice

2 thoughts on “10,000 Subscriber Live Chat Q&A. Take 2. This time, much better video quality.

  1. I found your channel via a link on Travel Talk On Line BVI forum. (Peter Island).

    Because of you, I had a momentary lapse in judgement and bought a Mavic. We are just learning to use it at our cabin. The problem is, father and son fight over it!

    Be sure to include Puerto Rico and the “Spanish” Virgin Islands in your Caribbean plans. Lovely islands, friendly people and budget friendly, a combo that is rare in the Caribbean.

    Two Gringos in the Caribbean blog has great info on boating in the Turks and Caicos Islands and bring a cat down from Florida thru the Bahamas. The bloggers haven’t posted in a year but there is plenty of content from prior years.

    1. We have been to Puerto Rico 3 times. It is very nice. Sorry to hear there are fights over the Mavic. LOL

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