New Gear Arrived To Test. Just got to wait for the water to be warm enough to swim!!

I received more gear to review from Freewellgear.com today and boy am I going to enjoy trying these out in the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario this summer (Once the weather and the water gets warmer).

They sent his and hers (the Pink is for Janice of I’m hoping?) full faced snorkel masks and regular Snorkel/Scuba masks. Both with GoPro attachments at the top. Along with two GoPro mouth pieces, so you can film while swimming with both arms, and a waterproof Carbon Fiber Grip with a trigger to start and stop your GoPro. All very cool. We will do a full review of how we like the products underwater later this summer on our Youtube channel once its warm enough to swim. You can find our channel at:


Tonight, Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm, we are having a live episode to celebrate the channel passing 10,000 Subscribers. During this live event we will be holding a draw to give away $100 in any gear you want from the Freewellgear.com website and expedited free shipping to the winner, anywhere in the world is included.

Side Note: We are not sponsored by Freewell or paid in any way. They have just been really generous to send us a lot of gear to review over the past several months to test and show to our viewers. So far everything they have sent us has surpassed our expectations for build quality. So nothing but positive feedback so far.

Hope many of you tune in to the live event. If so, chat with your then.

Craig and Janice

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