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Such a beautiful weekend ! Logo Intro completed.

It was such a hot, sunny beautiful weekend that it was hard to sit and edit video but I did get a lot of excellent footage while out sailing this weekend that will be used in a future episode.  We stopped at Pinhey’s point on Friday and I got some excellent video and drone footage of the trip there and the socializing that always goes on at the most popular anchorage on the Ottawa River.  Saturday we were off to Constance Bay where there were also a lot of boats on this Sunny 32 degree (C) day.  I took some awesome drone footage of all the boats there as well.   4K aerial footage of boats anchored together with the water sparkling in the background is quite stunning.  Today, Sunday, was another scorcher at 33 degrees.  It was a nice sail home and I again got lots of footage that will be used in a later episode.

I first need to finish editing the video that shows the beginning of our sailing life back in 2010 when we first bought Off Duty.  It was too hot to sit down in the boat and work on my laptop so not much got editing got done this weekend.  I was having too much fun enjoying the perfect weather and getting new footage for later.  On the plus side I did get my Intro (Logo) Sequence finalized.

I go back to work for one week and then I am back on vacation starting on Friday so I am sure I will have the inaugural Cruising Off Duty video uploaded by next weekend.  In the meantime, check out the Logo Intro

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