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Living The Life
Living The Life

Hello all.  I just wanted to say, I am hard at it trying to get this youtube channel and everything that goes along with it up and running.  Like most people, I like to have a story start at the beginning and move in chronological order.  How did I get into sailing ?  How did I gain experience?  Did I take courses?  Did I buy a buy a bunch of smaller boats and move up to the boat I have now?  If this is your first boat, what did you learn from the process of buying a boat through a boat broker?  I have answers to all of those questions and more and I plan to have my youtube channel (Cruising Off Duty) start from the beginning and explain what I learned along the way and eventually catch up to where we are today.  Just to answer 2 of those questions now.  This 35′ Beneteau Oceanis 351, was my first sailboat, and I bought it in the US and had it shipped to Canada.  “Go big or go home”  ha ha.  Actually there is a story there and it involves the old adage “Happy wife, happy life”, but more on that later.

I want to start my youtube channel out to be informative about what is required (once you decide you want to buy a cruising sailboat) to buy a by searching on-line  and how you ship that new boat across the U.S. on a transport truck and this case trucked across the border to Canada.  Since I want the channel to start from the beginning and work my way up to today,   I have been going through all of my photos and videos that I took back in 2010 when I bought the boat.  I found lots of footage that can be used on youtube to explain what I learned.

It is actually relatively easy to buy a boat in the US and ship it to Canada but I will get into greater detail at a later date in a video format.

In the present day, I have been getting lots of great footage of the Ottawa River and the various anchorages with my DSLR Camera and by drone video and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my channel.  But first, I have to create and edit all of the videos of what happened back in 2010 first.

I have been on vacation for almost a week and I thought by now I would have at least one video uploaded to youtube, other than my “How take off and land your drone from a sailboat without crashing it” video.  But, finding and organizing the old digital footage has been much more labour intensive than I would have expected.  Another thing that has really slowed me down from posting video is that I wanted a good logo and intro sequence for my channel.  I am no graphic designer, so I paid 2 different people on-line to come up with possible logos based on the criteria I gave them.   This was a long back and forth process, but I finally can say (as of today) that I have my official “Cruising Off Duty” Logo !!  See the attached image.  So now that that hurdle is over I can finally edit together the footage and start pumping out some videos in order to catch up to what is going on in our lives today while sailing the Ottawa River.

I can’t wait for you to see it and I hope you enjoy watching.



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