Canada Day – Episode on Youtube

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Canada Day was wet and windy but it was still really fun spending it with multiple boats and many friends anchored with us at Constance Bay. The rain stopped just in time for the fireworks show that the residents fire off from their beaches. In years past it has been quite the show for the boaters that anchor in the bay. With the rain and the wind we figured it may not happen this year, but the residents of Constance Bay did not disappoint. They put on a display that lasted over 45 minutes.

An episode showing the weekend storms the fireworks and drone footage of Constance Bay has been uploaded to Youtube on the Cruising Off Duty channel.

I hope you enjoy watching it.


Drone Footage at Baskin’s Beach.

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We had a great time this last weekend.  We anchored at Pinhey’s Point and then moved on to Baskin’s Beach.  Baskin’s is an awesome anchorage to watch the sunset.  See the attached photos of the sunset.  I also took some great drone footage and figured I would just put up a quick “music video” style episode on the Cruising Off Duty channel on youtube.

Hope you enjoy watching it.  If so please hit like and if you haven’t already,  please subscribe to see more of the videos that I will be sending to the channel in the future.



209 Sunset Baskins.Good 213 Sunset Baskins.Good

Cruising Off Duty (Ep1) is on Youtube.

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The first full episode of Cruising Off Duty is complete and being uploaded to Youtube as I type this.  This first episode goes way back to 2010 when Janice and I were just in the market to buy our first boat and we were trying to decide what we could afford and what size and age of boat that would end up being.

It explains how we thought the best deals on boats was found in the U.S. so we did all of our shopping through  We learned a lot of lessons along the way.  We realized that most of the boats that are permanently parked in the Caribbean or the southern U.S. are often old and worn out looking because of being exposed to the hot sun and harsh salt water 12 months of the year.

It explains what we learned and how we ended up with Off Duty, our Beneteau Oceanis 351 (35 foot sloop).  The episode took me a lot longer than I expected to complete, as I had to go back and find old footage that we took on phones and old digital cameras and hobble it together to make this episode.  As such, most of the episode required me to do voiceover work to explain each step.  Voiceovers take a lot of time to ensure that your words match what is going on in the video.

Once I am done with this back story I think things will get much easier when I am using footage from the more advanced DSLR camera and the drone that I am using to get areal footage.  With a good camera with a shotgun mic, you can capture the video and the dialogue that goes along with it all at the same time which should eliminate the requirement for me to do so much voiceover work.

So hopefully the future episodes will come to you quicker. Let me know in the comments what you think.



Such a beautiful weekend ! Logo Intro completed.

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It was such a hot, sunny beautiful weekend that it was hard to sit and edit video but I did get a lot of excellent footage while out sailing this weekend that will be used in a future episode.  We stopped at Pinhey’s point on Friday and I got some excellent video and drone footage of the trip there and the socializing that always goes on at the most popular anchorage on the Ottawa River.  Saturday we were off to Constance Bay where there were also a lot of boats on this Sunny 32 degree (C) day.  I took some awesome drone footage of all the boats there as well.   4K aerial footage of boats anchored together with the water sparkling in the background is quite stunning.  Today, Sunday, was another scorcher at 33 degrees.  It was a nice sail home and I again got lots of footage that will be used in a later episode.

I first need to finish editing the video that shows the beginning of our sailing life back in 2010 when we first bought Off Duty.  It was too hot to sit down in the boat and work on my laptop so not much got editing got done this weekend.  I was having too much fun enjoying the perfect weather and getting new footage for later.  On the plus side I did get my Intro (Logo) Sequence finalized.

I go back to work for one week and then I am back on vacation starting on Friday so I am sure I will have the inaugural Cruising Off Duty video uploaded by next weekend.  In the meantime, check out the Logo Intro